To: Studios

To: Studios documents the world’s most innovative solutions to our planet’s greatest challenges.

We are a network of filmmakers and creatives, using the power of visual storytelling to deconstruct the status quo and chart a new course.

We focus on curating visual content for specific audiences, focused on people who aren’t heard, elevating their voices and inspiring immediate and authentic engagement in pursuit of action that leads to impact.

Read our manifesto, and share story ideas with [email protected].



Originals: Prophecy No15


To: Studios funds original shorts. Currently in post-production, Prophecy No15 will first head to the festival circuit to drive engagement, while private screenings ensures targeted conversion to support our mangrove reforestation efforts.


Culture, couture, and the mystical merge in Fabrice Moneiro’s journey in Southern Senegal to capture a singular photograph that will highlight the collapse of one of Earth’s most crucial ecosystems – mangroves.

Making Mangroves Famous


Targeted Vignettes: Uganda’s Activist Artist


To: Studios produces vignettes of inspirational Creative Activists, often sharing content first to influential individuals whose public role makes them an appropriate fit to champion the causes of our community leaders across the Foundation and Ventures network.


Zex, affectionately referred to as The Ghetto Prime Minister, is a rising star in Uganda with the #1 hit song Ratata. As a longtime collaborator with, he is dedicated to helping his community of nationals and refugees rise up through the arts.

Bidi Bidi Music Academy


Partner Profiles: The Great Green Wall


To: Studios create stories on behalf of our partners, co-creators, and supporting projects, openly distributing these videos across their platforms to maximize exposure and impact of the important ongoing efforts from the community.


The Great Green Wall is vastly underfunded. New commitments from the international community will help speed up progress, but more support is urgently needed to avoid climate disaster across the Sahel.

Great Green Wall


Decentralized Productions: #TOGETHERFUND


To: Studios works directly with grassroots partners of To: Foundation, opening up new opportunities to educate and empower local storytellers in more rural communities to share their stories with the world. To:Studios builds decentralized methods of production where the inspirational Creative Activists in our network can speak directly to supporters and potential backers without the constant need for international film crews.


The lockdowns during covid-19 highlighted the importance of this approach, as our collaborators in Nakivale Refugee Settlement shared formated phone camera footage to our editors to create provide critical update videos about innovative health & safety programs to continue fundraising through the #togetherfund campaign.