We find purposeful solutions to the challenges that matter.

We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we do know how to identify weaknesses and blind spots in the system, spaces where we can instigate change. To: Create exists to reveal insights in pursuit of answers.

We are a collective of Creative Activists – material scientists, artists, storytellers, organizers – visionaries committed to seeding positive change and deconstructing the status quo.

Collaborating with you to crack the hardest briefs, co-creating vital ideas, campaigns, and narratives that drive cultural traction.

Visit To: Studios for our production house, and inquire for other Create services.

To: Commissions was conceived in our belief that creative thinking yields creative solutions. Over the last 5 years we’ve tested this with commissions such as the Shadowman Van, the Bottle Brick Toilet, the Light to Learn Performances, and our Fab Lab in Senegal.

By creating thought-provoking commissions across the world, we can engage with a larger audience, spread the core tenets of our mission, and open new avenues for philanthropy.