Project Land

10 years to ensure terrestrial ecosystems continue to provide healthy food & livelihoods to the millions in Senegal that depend on them.

Interventions to stem social and environmental breakdown can reshape the Sahel region.

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Green Jobs & Carbon Reduction

As the Sahara desert continues to encroach into farmland and forest, the process of desertification threatens livelihoods and stability across the Sahel. Planting food forests is arguably the most innovative solution to the problem – providing green jobs, contributing to the Great Green Wall, and capturing carbon.


Planting trees, such as mango & cashew, is a simple but effective way to improve soil, create jobs, and reduce carbon. will be planting 10 million trees in the Sahel in the next two years.



Working with individual farmers and Senegalese government agencies, the greening of the Sahel requires local, regional, and global collaboration.

As an official partner of the Great Green Wall in Senegal, is committed to amplifying the impact of this critical initiative. We will attract widespread support by raising the profile of our on-the-ground partners.

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Clean Air

The continued growth of the Senegalese economy, and other developing nations in the region, will depend on approaches to environmental management and improving air quality in urban centres.


The 2026 Summer Youth Olympics – Dakar 2026 – will be the first Olympic Games on the African continent, a sports, education, and cultural showcase.

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PRESERVE NATURAL WONDERS is a legacy partner to Extreme E, who will be hosting a race in Dakar in 2021. One of our affiliate programmes will clean beaches and plant trees around the capital city of Dakar, which has been overrun by plastic pollution.


Instigating & Innovating

Instigate local and international communities to act on environmental challenges and innovative solutions. Working with artists, visionaries, entrepreneurs, and activists to find new ways to elevate and solve these important issues.