This is the decade that matters.

We need to find a way for humankind and our planet to co-exist and thrive. Foundation creates, funds, and cross-pollinates with grassroots and large organizations, equalizing opportunity and collaborating to support the most vulnerable and heal the planet.


The world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges require novel approaches that elevate the local and inspire the global. We have prioritized oceans, land, and human displacement as our targets for high impact, locally-led solutions that show the greatest promise.

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Most of us live in comparative luxury. If you can pour a glass of water from the tap, that is a luxury that many around the world don’t have. And many of us have the privilege of being able to treat ourselves to other luxuries – flights, nights in hotels or a good mattress at home, going out with friends for drinks and meals. At we offset these luxuries, but we don’t call this philanthropy, it’s simply something we should all do for the planet and the most vulnerable among us. We are redefining how the world defines offsetting. We are creating new practices to make sustainable lifestyles a habit.

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