Home. Land. Water.
This is the decade that matters.

We need to find a way for humankind, the Earth, and our oceans to co-exist and thrive. At to.org we are assembling a tribe whose mission it is to see the entire world prosper.

We need to deconstruct the status quo. 

Creating systems change is a collaborative endeavor. We operate as a collective, co-designing, co-creating, and cross-pollinating with grassroots and large organizations, equalizing opportunity and the freedom for everyone to do and to be.

We work with the world’s most accomplished and innovative Creative Activists, rockstar adventurers, creators, dreamers and doers who bring a wide array of skills, knowledge, and experience to solve the world’s most demanding challenges.

10 years to 2030.

Join us in this communal fight for humanity.

Project Water
Supporting, protecting, and restoring West Africa’s marine ecosystems
Project Home
Equipping society to handle the ever-growing crisis of displaced people
Project Land
Restoring degraded land and promoting green jobs