Project Home

Millions of displaced people don’t have homes and are disconnected from resources, support, and the freedom to innovate.

The vast majority of refugees fleeing conflict and violence only make it as far as the country next door, placing an enormous burden on developing host nations. This places an enormous burden on developing nations. Countries like Uganda, who struggle to meet the basic needs of the millions of displaced they welcome, often also struggle to provide basic services to nationals in need.

It’s not just basic needs, like shelter, water, and sanitation that are lacking. Displaced people and those living in urban slums are overwhelmingly under the age of 18 and we all share the responsibility to provide these young people with education and inspiration. In Uganda’s refugee camps and in the urban slums of Kampala, our approach builds community spaces and taps into creativity and the desire to learn. is uniquely positioned to pioneer new models for how aid is provided, models that connect local and regional community organizations to a global community while supporting their efforts to operate sustainably.

Empowering local solutions
Connecting culture and innovation