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Accelerating earth’s most vital ventures

Putting a fire under the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal.
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To: RD Kyebando Leader & CA:#TOGETHERBAND Goal#1 Ambassador
Meet Mavo
The Independent
The brothers investing in projects to heal the world
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Light to Learn
Demonstrating that investment in sustainable power is vital for ensuring that educational institutions can thrive in Liberia and across Africa.
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Global Ambassador for #Togetherband & Fashion Icon
Meet Naomi
Extreme E
Legacy foundation partner in Senegal
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Transforming and reforesting degraded landscapes in the Sahel region of Senegal, whilst simultaneously supporting the livelihoods of those living there.
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Nick & Steve
Founders of Vollebak
Meet Nick & Steve
Helping to transform one of the world’s oldest refugee settlements.
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Founder of Kyaffe Farmers Coffee & Obama Foundation Africa Leader 2018
Meet Liz
Creating a circular economy within the Kyebando ghetto.
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Arieh Mimran
Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of
Meet Arieh
Venture highlighted in CNN Innovate Africa Series
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Fueling earth’s most vital teams, helping them to capture their unfair share of the future.
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