Bottle Brick:

Upcycled Plastic Buildings

In 2018, Ugandan NGO You&I Foundation opened YourSpace in Kampala’s underserved Kyebando neighbourhood. YuorSpace is a free community space providing skills development and entrepreneurship training.

The Bottle Brick project launched at YourSpace, to address multiple needs in the community. Bottle Bricks provide income from upcycling plastic waste while also creating building materials for stable structures.

Go behind the scenes to learn the complete story of how this project planted the seeds of an environmental movement in Kyebando:

Bottle Bricks are made from packing hundreds of discarded plastic bags into used plastic bottles, which built the foundation for the first ever Bottle Brick bathroom for local residents. and other local organizations have gone on to support the production and use of Bottle Bricks at various locations throughout Kampala, including at police stations and primary schools. This initiative creates jobs and clears waste from the district, helping to empower the community and reduce disease.


I believe the ghetto can change. The ghetto setting may not change, but the mindset of the ghetto youths can change.

As one of the founders of Bottle Brick, Mavo traveled to the Mauritius campus of African Leadership University to share his knowledge and inspiration with the next generation of leaders.

“Repurpose Plastic” by Dmitry Kostyukov

With the help of photography, we can reevaluate our stereotypes about plastic. We can consider it closely and calmly, without bias. This project brings a new perspective on the materials we use and discard every day, which we typically overlook, while seeking out creative solutions for a healthier world.


Art showcased at Africa House NYC during 2018 UNGA Week


Bottle Brick has inspired many around the world to share this story, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Naomi Campbell, as well as the BBC and numerous African news outlets.