Project Water

10 years to ensure our ocean continues to provide healthy food and livelihoods to the millions in this region that depend on it.

Our planet’s oceans are hurting. Rising sea levels, pollution, and trawling are just a few of the many problems. In West Africa, this ecological destruction has immediate effects on the livelihoods and food security of a large segment of the region’s growing population. is working in partnership with local and international organizations to find innovative solutions to protect and restore this vital ecosystem.

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Network of Ocean Sanctuaries

The creation of effective marine protected areas has been proven to be one of the most successful ways to combat overfishing. To create these zones a coalition of fishermen, processors, and government comes together with the help of civil society organizations.


Filling a niche in the NGO world, BLUE is enabling rapid and effective marine conservation. BLUE’s mission is to see at least 30% of the world’s ocean under protection by 2030, and the other 70% managed in a responsible way.

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Island & Coastal Communities

Restoring West Africa’s mangroves benefits fisheries, food security, and the planet. Because 75% of Senegal’s animal protein consumption comes from the ocean, mangroves play an important role as a nursery for fish stock. Mangroves also support biodiversity, act as a coastal barrier to salinity, and capture and store carbon. 

Population pressures, infrastructure development, and global climate change have diminished large swathes of mangrove forest. Regenerating this vital ecosystem in West Africa is more important than ever.


Known for having successfully implemented the largest mangrove reforestation in the world, Oceanium leads efforts to restore the region’s mangrove forests.



As a proud legacy partner to Extreme E’s 2021 “Oceans” race in Dakar, we are teaming up to restore coastal forests, promote waste management, and engage hundreds of students in environmental education.


Together with Oceanium and Extreme E, we are planting 1 million mangrove trees in Senegal’s Sine Saloum Delta.



Instigating & Innovating

Instigating the local and international community to act on marine issues and solutions. Working with artists, visionaries, entrepreneurs, and activists to find new ways to elevate these important topics.


Parley’s A. I. R. philosophy encourages the world to Avoid, Intercept, and Redesign plastics. In our advisory role with Parley, is provoking and instigating some of the largest corporate plastic consumers to reevaluate their use of materials.

3D SURFBOARDS created a limited edition 3D printed surfboard made entirely of upcycled plastic gathered from ocean cleanups. This fully functional surfboard is innovative and environmentally friendly, as well as being an art piece that sparks conversation, raises awareness, and inspires action in the fight for ocean conservation.