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Transforming and reforesting degraded landscapes in Senegal’s Sahel region, while simultaneously supporting the livelihoods of those living there. 


With growing urbanization and migration to Europe, Senegal’s rural areas are being neglected. Climate change has shortened the rainy season, causing massive challenges for subsistence farmers who are simply trying to make a living. 

We are linking our work with CA: Great Green Wall (GGW) agroforestry initiative with our efforts to restore livelihoods in northern Senegal.

To: Approach:

To: will connect urban and rural populations in Senegal to provide novel solutions for mass reforestation. 

We will catalyze urban students, athletes, politicians, and artists to get behind this movement, and we will work with rural farmers, leaders, and institutions to incorporate irrigation technology into reforestation and create an advantage for struggling communities.

Great Green Wall

The Great Green Wall is an African-led movement with the epic ambition to grow an 8,000 km natural wonder of the world across the breadth of Africa. Once complete, the Great Green Wall will be the largest living structure on the planet, three times the size of the Great Barrier Reef. This initiative is already revitalizing Africa’s degraded landscapes at an unprecedented scale, providing food security, jobs and a reason to stay for the millions who live along its path. 

26 November 2019. Richard Toll, Senegal.
Field of mango trees, of M. Sow.

To: is involved in this initiative in the following ways:

Over a four year period (2015-19) we have planted 65,000 trees in northern Senegal, in collaboration with the Marie Louise Mimran Foundation.

This is part of a larger effort to raise global awareness and the funds to grow the GGW. These funds will be channeled to our local implementation partners who are planting millions of trees across northern Senegal.

We have a team of field staff working closely with our partners in Senegal to monitor and evaluate progress.

We’re encouraging everyone to consider planting a fruit tree in place of buying traditional Christmas, birthday or wedding gifts.

27 November 2019. Richard Toll, Senegal.
A boy walks through the field to water the plants.
27 November 2019. Richard Toll, Senegal.
Field of trees, as part of the green wall project.
26 November 2019. Richard Toll, Senegal.
M. Sow in his field, supported by the green wall project.
26 November 2019. Richard Toll, Senegal.
Field of mango trees, of M. Sow.