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Reimagining the city of Dakar through technological innovation, waste upcycling, and the building of truly sustainable businesses.


The next ten years are critical for our planet, and especially for cities like Dakar. Ideas that we prototype and test in Dakar will establish benchmarks and best practices for adoption by other African cities.

To: Approach:

Building on Dakar’s growing cultural, technology, and tourism industries will not only make this a more resilient city but one of the greatest cities in the world. 

We will work with innovative artists, architects, chefs, and technologists, to inspire change in climate issues and questions of sustainability.

Olympic Committee

To: advised the Senegalese Olympic Committee on how to incorporate sustainable practices and local-first strategies into the 2020 Youth Olympic Games. This will be the first time the Youth Olympic Games has been held on the African continent, a long-awaited event that will provide a global stage for conveying such an important message. 

3D Printing

We are building one of the largest 3D printers on the African continent, which will enable the production of locally made 3D printed surfboards that are more affordable than those currently sold in the region. In collaboration with inspirational local robotics engineers at Dakar’s Cheikh Anta Diop University, To: will also establish a platform to engage a wide audience in the topics of upcycling and additive manufacturing.