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Bidi Bidi

Transform one of the newest refugee settlements in the world into a thriving city and develop a best practices model that can be shared across the globe.


At three years old, Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement in Uganda is one of the newest refugee camps in the world. It is also one of the largest: This 97-square-mile settlement is home to 300,000 displaced people, mostly from South Sudan.

To: Approach:

We’re working to help turn Bidi Bidi into a thriving city, by creating a circular economy around waste and by developing centers where culture and innovation can thrive.

In Bidi Bidi we built a football pitch and a music and dance studio, creating structures using everything from mud brick houses to upcycled plastic tarpaulin and sticks.

Football Field

We supported the creation of a football pitch in the heart of the camp, where refugees can play pickup games and friendly matches.

Music and Dance School

To: has worked with SINA Loketa to build a music and dance studio that houses a fully functioning professional recording studio.